There are many benefits to aerating your lawn in Regina or in Saskatchewan. Lawn aeration is a must yearly maintenance to keep your lawns healthy and lush green. 

Some of the benefits are; the thatch layer is penetrated allowing nutrients, water and air, compaction is relieved, and newer roots can grow to allow for new turf to grow.

Some other benefits due to Core Aeration is; free top dressing, drought protection, water savings, weed resistance, insect resistance, increases fertilizer uptake, new turf growth, increased property value. 

Regina’s hard clay drought protection 

Regina has extremely high density hard clay where this type of soil leads to a shallow root system. Aeration promotes deep root growth which gives your lawn greater drought tolerance during the summer. 

Water Savings! compacted lawns with thatch build-up become hydrophobic! These lawns repel water no matter how much you water them. With an aeration your watering efforts will not be in vain and you will save money in the process! 

Aeration is the only proven method for relieving topsoil compaction. Hard compacted soil will result in pooling of water, insufficient transfer of oxygen and nutrients and deminished microbial activity. An aeration can be likened to tilling garden soil in preparation for new planting. 




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