Lawn aeration

Start The spring off right with a Core Aeration. Aeration allows water and nutrients to reach the root level of the soil, promoting new and healthy growth. It is highly recommended to aerate your lawn not only in the spring but also in the fall.  

Pricing: $65+GST*


power rake and vacuum dethatching

Have your lawn de-thatched in the spring or fall when temperatures are fairly low. Thatch is build up of dead grass that blocks healthy grass from growing. You can usually tell when there is a lot of yellow colors in your grass. Dethatch

Pricing: $70+GST*

FERTILIZATION and over seeding

Slow release granular fertilizer will be blended for your Lawn and will enhance your lawn greener than usual. 

3 applications of slow release fertilizer $140+GST 

1 application of slow release fertilizer $55 

over seeding depends on size of property, please text us or call for quote.



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